After School Programs

At French Broad River Academy, we have developed a variety of opportunities for student support and enrichment that further enhance the FBRA experience. Offerings vary year to year and campus to campus.

Teacher-supervised Study Hall occurs each weekday until 5:30, allowing students a quiet, structured environment to knock out a significant portion of each night’s assignments.

Whitewater kayaking classes are offered during the Fall and Spring seasons. Our whitewater instructors guide students from beginner through advanced kayaking skills.

Rock-climbing skills can be furthered with our after-school climbing groups, as well as seasonal mountain biking sessions.

We offer one-on-one music lessons for guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, or vocals.

Math Club offers eager mathematicians the opportunity to have fun solving challenging problems in a group setting.

Chess Club is a fun way to hone analytical skills with peers in a guided setting.

Visual arts classes allows students to immerse themselves in the creative process, led by local artists.

In winter, we offer the Friday Evening Ski Program, during which students go to Cataloochee Ski Area for the night ski session.

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