International Field Experience

Costa Rica Experience

A signature element of the FBRA program is the Costa Rica International Field Experience. All students travel to Costa Rica for all three years of enrollment to participate in an increasingly challenging cultural immersion experience. We believe wholeheartedly that this international experience is one that opens our students worldview, develops cultural competency and foreign language skills, and builds meaningful peer-to-peer multicultural relationships.


Each grade level has a unique trip which is tailored to the group’s age, Spanish proficiency, and physical limits.

6th graders stay with Costa Rican families affiliated and engage in educational activities with Costa Rican students their same age, local service learning projects, and then day trips to a volcano and ziplining through the tree canopy near the beach.

7th graders travel further afield to a coastal ecology-focused trip with a partner school, homestays with students/families from that school, and a beach day with a surf lesson. This 7th-grade trip requires a more intensive degree of Spanish-language immersion and service-learning.

The 8th-grade trip is the capstone of the FBRA experience. Partnering with our in-country contacts, this trip includes service work and homestays in smaller, rural villages, as well as a three-day paddling trip on the Rio Pacuare.

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