Hersman, Anne
Outdoor Program Director, Math Teacher
FBRA Girls

Anne Hersman hopes to inspire confidence and competence in the students through all of their experiences at FBRA. While growing up in Ohio, Anne attended Girl Scout camp, fell in love with the outdoors, and felt empowered by a female centered environment. Later, Anne began leading summer camp wilderness trips in backpacking, canoeing, sailing, and road biking.

Anne is a graduate of Adrian College where she double majored in mathematics and physical education. She has transferred her teacher certification to the state of North Carolina. After graduating, Anne spent time as a substitute teacher and completed a long-term mathematics position. This led her to want to learn more techniques to help students become successful in a classroom environment. 

Anne’s teaching philosophy grew as she worked for the North Carolina Outward Bound School with the Florida Struggling Youth Programs. She believes that each student is on her own individual educational journey, and while each student’s personal definition of success is different, her goals can be accomplished with a combination of being equipped with the right tools and having an internal drive. Anne is excited to be joining the FBRA team for another year.