Byers, David
Science Teacher, Co-Founder, Head of Grounds and Services

David Byers is passionate about getting students outside and inspiring them to pay more attention to the natural world.  A native of Asheville, David grew up hiking the trails of WNC – an activity he still enjoys regularly with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Eva.  The summers he spent as a camper and camp counselor at Camp Mondamin in Tuxedo, NC, not only helped him form important lifelong friendships (including with Will Yeiser, David Clarke, and Liddell Shannon), but also shaped his thinking about the importance of building character and life skills through outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping, canoeing, and rock climbing.

David earned a bachelor’s degree. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in biology, with a minor in Spanish.  Studying abroad for a semester in Seville, Spain helped him become fluent in writing and speaking Spanish – one of the most valuable skills he uses regularly in his work at FBRA.  David also earned a master’s degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University, and he uses his knowledge of native ecosystems to inform his work as Head of Grounds at the North Campus – leading students in landscaping projects with native plants that increase the species richness of the area.

David loves teaching 6th and 8th grade science classes outside as much as possible, something that FBRA’s regular weekly field lessons help enable him to do.  His ultimate goal in teaching is to help launch a new generation of earth stewards who are more aware and appreciative of all the natural beauty and preciousness of our local ecosystems and the wider world.