Click, Jeff
Operations Support

Even though this is hiss first year being a part of the staff at FBRA, this is not Jeff’s first time stepping into an adventurous and educational atmosphere. From scuba diving in the clear blue waters of Cozumel, Mexico to sky diving over the Florida Keys, Jeff has led groups through all types of terrain.

Throughout his life, Jeff has been a part of many different organizations such as the Boys Scouts of American and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). He focused on teaching children and adults how to be safe and have fun while going out on any kind of adventure their life may take them on. Jeff has spent the past 25 years exploring the deep blue ocean while scuba diving with people from all walks of life. He enjoyed diving so much he decided to become a diving instructor and teach others how to truly swim with the fishes.

To fund his favorite hobby, Jeff has spent his life leading logistics and optimizing transportation routes for companies such as US Foods, Safety Kleen, and Collier County Schools. He has set foot in every aspect of the transportation network. Acquiring his CDL when he was 21 years old, Jeff has dedicated his life to transportation and his experience has assisted him with coaching others.

Jeff set the foundation for his family in Arlington, Texas. He met his lovely wife, Oralia, in 1996 and in 1999 he helped introduce his son Casey to the world. Jeff moved to Fletcher in 2018 to enjoy the beautiful mountains and start his mini farm after living in Naples, Florida enjoying beaches and the ocean. hHis favorite TV shoes include NCIS, Survivor, and Sunday Night Football.