Overall a great learning experience, beneficial for the body, mind, and character. The amazing faculty helped me learn the importance of being an empowered, competent, and confident young woman. Through all of the learning experiences I developed a real understanding of determination, grit, and self value. We were pushed out of our comfort zones in and out of the classroom everyday, to build our inner character and values.

-FBRA Alumna

The community and culture inside of FBRA is like no other. Anywhere you turn there will always be support and guidance. Overall a great experience that transformed me and all my peers into our full self potential, ready to embrace the pursuit of excellence.

– FBRA Alumna

It's extremely difficult to put into words how FBRA challenged and developed our son throughout middle school. The academics stretched his thinking, their focus on communication and organization set him on a successful path for schooling and now his career. The physical outdoor opportunities, which are part of the education philosophy, developed confidence, team working skills and problem solving… Amazing school and a turning point in our sons development


– FBRA Current Parent

I am going into 7th Grade at French Broad River Academy for Girls. I have overall enjoyed being part of the sisterhood and what we have been through together. It teaches the students a lot about life skills whether it is in the classroom or on the river. Coming from a family that loves the outdoors, so far this has been a perfect fit. The academics are spectacular. The teachers here don't just teach us academics, but they're also mentors in life. I'm glad I go here!


– FBRA Current Student

I've been connected to FBRA for almost ten years! It's an amazing school with dedicated teachers, supportive families, and students who really want to be there. Preparing students for academic excellence is only the first step, as they also learn to be self-reliant, capable young people. FBRA students have more life skills, self-control, and discipline than many of the college students I have taught. If you hope for your child to get dirt under their fingernails and a passion for learning in their heart, this is the school for your family.


– Current Staff Member

We can already see [our son] holding himself more accountable for his work, helping others more and continuing to grow in his ability to have a positive attitude and perseverance for more challenging things.  We believe this is a direct result from the values the FBRA program is built on, the academic rigor and the outdoor experiences you provide.

– Current FBRA Parent

I can see the enormous benefits of attending FBRA through my FBRA graduate now at Asheville High School and am so grateful that his younger brother can get the same kind of experience. Attending FBRA changes one's mindset to see the world through infinite opportunities and to not be scared to give it a go.

– Current FBRA Parent