WinterFest 2021

Riffing on keyboards, thumping the bass, strumming a melody, bangin’ the beat, and sweet sounding vocals filled the air of the FBRA North Campus the week before December break. Thanks to some great logistical planning, FBRA was able to hold the Girls and Boys Winterfest concerts as in-person events. The audience moved in and out of the multipurpose room three different times during the two different nights in order to keep the numbers down in the room to  diminish the risk of COVID transmission. While not listening to the live performances, guests were able to view and listen to groups in the open-air canoe garage via a livestream. 

It was an evening to celebrate the return of indoor, in-person music and to appreciate the hard work and talent demonstrated by all the student performers. The quality of the performances of our students is a testament to the incredible teaching skills of our in-house instructors and our part-time music professionals who teach, encourage, and empower our students to perform at a high level. Very few of our students come to FBRA with any instrumental background, so the growth for most is from ground level and phenomenal.

Follow these links to view the recorded livestream events:

Girls Program filmed on Monday 12/13/21

Boys Program filmed on Wednesday 12/15/21