Boys Campus Update – March 2021

Andrew Holcombe, FBRA Boys Program Director

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I’ve been thinking about what the last six months have meant for our organization and our students quite a bit recently; here is my effort to briefly share some of my thoughts and observations.

Adaptability, specifically in terms of students.  This word has been used a lot lately, and rightly so, for many circumstances. I think it is most applicable in my experience to FBRA students. I’ve watched them be presented with new challenges, ways of doing things, and expectations on a daily basis. They don’t always love these things at first, yet once they have the chance to try it out and understand the “why,” it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they will settle in and move forward. I can easily say that I have learned more from students on this front this year than all of my other years at this institution.

Success, as in, it’s a subjective target and means something different to all of us.  Part of my greatest personal work this year has been to expand my definition and understanding of success. I’ve learned to look on a much smaller and more human scale than I ever have before.  For example, success can just as easily be measured in a two-minute conversation with someone as it can on the fact that we started school on time last fall.

Failure; this goes along with success.  We talk about failure a lot at FBRA and how it is an important element of growing and learning. This year has been and continues to be the most relevant large-scale example of that in my recent history. I know that our effort here at FBRA Boys has not always been perfect, well-thought out, or equally experienced by everyone. It is my hope that we work to acknowledge those facts, make adjustments where we are able now and in the future, and move forward as a community with our successes and our failures. Thanks to all of you for reading and for being on the journey with us.

Be safe