Summer at FBRA


Empty, dark classrooms; four-square courts long for bouncing balls; and canoes lined up in storage. Summer at FBRA. However, while students and most staff take a welcome break from algebra and grammar lessons, some folks at FBRA are still hard at work over the summer.

Most of what happens in the summer at FBRA focuses on planning and preparing for the next school year. This involves creating master school schedules and forming student groupings; inputting information into databases and forms; maintaining and repairing equipment and facilities; ordering supplies and equipment; setting up student computers and accounts; inventorying and ordering water bottles and uniforms.; reading and reflecting on the staff summer reading book, How to be an Antiracist; and working on curriculum and lessons.

Some students and staff come back to school for a few days or weeks during the summer to lead and participate in summer programming like outdoor climbing, kayaking or backpacking trips, music workshops, and academic support weeks. David Byers and Liddell Shannon will host students from Woodin Elementary School at The Salamander Adventure Camp, a free day camp for some lucky Woodfin students who will get a little taste of the FBRA experience during the summer.

June 2021 Climbing Trip with FBRA Boys

June 2021 Climbing Trip with FBRA Boys

Soon enough, all staff will return on Monday, August 9 for three weeks of academic and outdoor preparation to be ready for Induction on August 30 and the fall trimester.