Salamander Fund 2021-22

Each fall, the school asks our community to contribute to the school by making a donation to the Salamander Fund, FBRA’s annual fund. Donations to the Salamander Fund go directly into this year’s operating budget, paying for things like staff salaries, health care benefits, outdoor programming, music instruction, and even the electricity to power the lights and WiFi. Please see the box at the bottom of the page for ways to support the Salamander Fund and make a donation.

Why support the Salamander Fund?

At FBRA, annual giving makes up between 5-7 percent of the school’s operating budget each year, while tuition and other income covers the rest. These much-needed Salamander Fund dollars benefit the teaching and learning of each and every student and staff member. Unlike tuition, gifts to the Salamander Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Will my gift really make a difference? 

Yes! A gift of any size is an endorsement for FBRA and has a much broader impact than its financial support alone. The greater our community participation, the more likely it is that foundations and corporations will consider investing in FBRA. When you give back, you confirm your belief in FBRA’s mission and demonstrate that you value the education that FBRA provides.


  • Email Elizabeth or Dorrie to make a donation through your FACTS account.

  • Follow this link to make a donation by credit card.

  • Send a check to the school or drop one off at the office. 

  • Contact John Douglas to find out how to make a donation of securities.