Groundbreaking on Woodfin Whitewater Wave June 2024

It’s official. Construction on the Woodfin Whitewater Wave and adjoining park expansion are slated to begin just days from now! The Town of Woodfin and the general contractor signed construction contracts on June 11, 2024. After years of planning, it’s finally GO TIME on Taylor’s Wave, located in Woodfin’s stretch of the French Broad River, equidistant from FBRA’s North and South Campuses.

You’re invited to the Groundbreaking Celebration for Taylor’s Wave & Riverside Park Expansion on Friday, June 21, 4-5pm. Meet us at 1476 Riverside Drive to celebrate the start of construction, tour the site, learn about the design and construction schedule, and hear from key project partners. Stay for the post-event social gathering at French Broad River Academy’s South Campus, right next door. More event details here.

The FBRA community couldn’t be more excited about this construction launch. Once the wave is completed, FBRA students and staff will be able to hop on the river and be surfing in just minutes. Additionally, the riverfront park will span the entire .9 mile distance between our two campuses. This will allow us to safely walk or ride back and forth, meaning fewer trips in fuel-burning vehicles. Finally, FBRA is excited to be the future stewards of the park, assuming primary responsibility for park cleanup.

Taylor’s Whitewater Wave and Riverside Park Explained

Check out this 4-minute video to learn all about the wave, greenway, and parks project that’s going to impact Woodfin, Buncombe County, and French Broad River Academy for years to come:

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