Curriculum Discussion: Natalie Sayre & David Byers

Jack Pitfield, Director of Marketing & Technology

The list of responsibilities and skills of any one teacher at the French Broad River Academy is long: some of our teachers hold advanced outdoor skills, many of our teachers are Spanish speakers, and all have a wilderness medicine certification.  It is not uncommon to see the school’s director leading their advisory group in one of the cleaning rotations around the campus. 

Hidden in that list is the fact that our teachers are incredible educators. Step into any classroom and you’d be able to see their passion for  the craft of teaching as well as their content. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder for our school to create that opportunity during this time. 

To celebrate our teachers and to show a little of what happens behind the scenes, we’ve started a new video series that pulls back the curtain on the conversations that happen in planning classes and curriculum. 

These conversations aren’t scripted or planned out in advance. What struck me as I watched our first episode is the breadth of topics that Natalie Sayre and David Byers discuss as they think about planning their curriculum. Their discussions covers how to scaffold teaching biomolecules to professional development.

We hope you enjoy this recorded discussion. We have several more episodes scheduled and as we consider more, we’d love to have your input. What did you like about this discussion? What would you like to see more of?

You can find all of the Curriculum Discussion videos on our vimeo page: