Ski Season 2021

While skiing is a lot of fun, our primary goal in the FBRA ski program is for students to grow in ability and confidence as skiers by providing specific skill instruction and practice time. In order to provide appropriate instruction at every level, each year our staff members attend a one to two day ski workshop where they learn and practice instruction techniques. Also, many of our staff have been trained by and received certification from PISA (Professional Ski Instructors of America).

Like all of our outdoor programming this year, the ski program has been modified to follow our COVID protocols. In previous years, the entire girls school skied on Thursdays and the boys school skied together each Wednesday. This year, we are skiing in our grade level pods in order to decrease the risk of transmission throughout the school community.

It is a lot more fun to watch folks ski than read about it, so we hope you will take a minute to watch the following video that catches images of students skiing at a variety of levels.