Development Update – March 2021

John Douglas, Director of Development

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It’s hard to imagine that the 2020-2021 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for the Development Department at FBRA. Thanks to the generosity of our amazing families and supporters, the Salamander Fund has crested $90,000 this year, surpassing our goal by $15,000. We had no idea what was going to happen with the Virtual Holiday Wreath Sale, but we were shocked to find out that when all the greenery and bows were delivered, that our students set a sales record this year. Families were also extremely generous by donating to the Holiday Teacher Appreciation Fund in December, giving each staff member a significant bump to their mid-year bonus.

It was a tough decision to put a hold on our Girls School Capital Campaign during the worst of the pandemic. We have so many great plans for the campus and had quite a bit of momentum in construction, design, engineering, and fundraising. However, while uncertainty and doubt were living in many of our hearts, we decided to take a break until there was a greater sense of hope for the future. So, after nine months, Will Yeiser and I once again started meeting with supporters and families to ask them to invest in FBRA’s future Girls Campus. The response has been large and immediate, with two families creating the Noakes Outdoor Center $100,000 matching fund. Taking advantage of the opportunity to double their impact, in the last three weeks, we have had families and supporters donate $30,000 to the project. The school hosted a live event last week that explains the project in detail, and can be found on our Vimeo website ( 

Noakes Outdoor Center Architectural Rendering

Noakes Outdoor Center Architectural Rendering

If you would like to help create equity between the boys and girls campuses; give our girl students and staff a place to store, clean, and dry their gear; and provide deeper learning experiences for the salamanders, there are several giving options:

  • Make a one-time donation: click here

  • Make a multi-year pledge: click here

  • Make a donation via check or stock, please contact our Director of Development, John Douglas, at [email protected].

If we are able to reach our goal by April 20, we believe we can complete the Noakes Outdoor Center in August of 2021.