Alumni Update – Connor Schulz

I didn’t realize that I was going to have to crawl through holes in the mud that were so small that we had to push our packs through ahead of us.
— Connor Schulz describing his sixth grade experience in Worley’s Cave

A short conversation is all that is needed to realize that 2014 FBRA alumnus, Connor Schulz, is a serious, well-spoken, intelligent, and thoughtful young man. Connor recently met over Zoom with the FBRA Boys sixth grade during life skills class to talk about his experiences after graduating from FBRA.

Connor, a junior at UNC Chapel HIll, is pursuing a biology major with minors in chemistry and Spanish. His younger brother Landon is a rising eighth grader at FBRA, so Connor keeps up with all things Salamander better than most through his brother. He hopes to continue his education by pursuing a graduate degree in pharmacy after completing his undergraduate degree. Connor got some teaching experience at Chapel Hill where he was a TA in Spanish.

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The sixth graders engaged in the conversation by asking a few questions:

What did you do that helped you get into college?

In high school, I always put learning ahead of grades. I intentionally took the most challenging classes because I was interested in learning. College admissions offices seem to appreciate students who challenge themselves.

What type of service work have you done since you graduated from FBRA?

I love Spanish. I speak to people in Spanish who are obviously having a challenging time understanding English. It makes people feel respected and welcome.

What is an experience that you remember at FBRA?

I remember going to Worley’s Cave in the sixth grade. I didn’t like bugs and spiders. I was nervous about getting lost. But, we did a good job staying together. The total darkness at night was strange, and I doubt I will ever experience it again. 

What’s a piece of advice that you can share?

Enjoy your time outdoors at FBRA because it will likely be the last time they get to have that type of experience in school. 

We wish Connor the best of luck as he pursues a competitive academic pathway, and we hope that he gets to spend a little more time outdoors.

Connor and the FBRA Boys Class of 2014 during a field trip downtown.

Connor and the FBRA Boys Class of 2014 during a field trip downtown.