Student Livestreaming Through the Pandemic

Jen Horschman, FBRA Girls Director

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Giving students the opportunity to speak, perform, and present in front of others is an important aspect of FBRA’s program. This COVID year propelled creative solutions for students to exhibit what they have learned through video recording and live streaming. While not quite the same as “in person” events, this use of technology allowed the students to practice important presentation skills this spring.

Science Fair 

The FBRA Science Fair is a memorable 7th grade rite of passage. Students take a two month deep dive into their mastery of the scientific process by focusing on an experiment that is then judged by an array of teachers and community professionals. The top five winners go on to compete in the North Carolina Regional Science Fair. We are proud of all the students’ perseverance with their projects and are super excited for Charlotte Berry who went on from regionals to place 3rd in the state Science Fair! Thanks to our 7th grade science teacher and science fair coordinator, Colleen McLean, who inspired our students to this year’s success with strategic coaching on disciplined time management and synthesizing data with precision and rigor!

Music Concerts 

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We didn’t miss a beat this year in rocking the music scene! Our Head of Music, Elizabeth Walker, took charge and brought our community together when COVID was forcing us to figure out how to distantly jam. “In a time of isolation, we found a safe way to make it possible to put our students in the spotlight.” Students stepped up, practiced with passion and produced high quality performances delivered through live stream recordings; view our Winterfest Concert here and our Spring “Rock the Riverside” outside festival style concert here

Other Learning Live Streams

Other notable achievements live streams recordings we had this year that our incredible teachers initiated showcasing impressive student outcomes of their tremendous effort, understanding, and growth are the following (some linked):

  • 6th grade Mission to Mars with science teacher, Ms. Shannon

  • Moth Stories in 7th Humanities with Ms. Saul

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