Building Next Generation Whitewater Craft at FBRA: Riverskate 

David Miller Brings Riverskate to FBRA

This spring a small group of FBRA students participated in the groundbreaking RIVERSKATE Design + Build + Paddle. This marked the debut of the riverskate, the first stand-up paddleboard (SUP) designed for whitewater freestyle. 

Over three months, participants embarked on a journey from concept to creation. Starting with hand-shaped models, they progressed to detailed CAD drawings, ultimately producing finished prototypes which the group tested on the French Broad. 

Founder David Miller is excited about the future of the sport. “With the construction of Taylor’s Wave,” he says, “we’ll have a premier feature that will enable us to continue pushing the boundaries of design and performance. Young athletes will be able to perform moves on riverskates that truly blow people’s minds.”

A short video recap of the program can be found here

We look forward to more riverskate programming in the year ahead. For more information you can visit