Chapman, Leanne
Language Arts Teacher

Leanne is thrilled to be joining the FBRA team as the 6th Grade Language Arts teacher and 7th/8th Grade Art Elective teacher! She has always been interested and excited about working with people. This led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Sociology, with a minor in Social Work at Louisiana State University. Working at the the outdoor program there, she fell in love with outdoor education. With that, she pursued a graduate degree in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies with a concentration in Outdoor Education, and a graduate certificate in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at Ohio University. In her time working within these college settings, she assisted in overseeing their outdoor programs. Leanne has also worked with organizations such as Big Brother Big Sister, the Keystone Science School, the Breckenridge Recreation Center, and the Family Intercultural Resource Center, where she was able to work closely with young people and adults of all ages. 

Leanne feels that it is a privilege to teach young people along their journey of growth and discovery. She believes that the pursuit of knowledge goes hand in hand with the pursuit of play and curiosity. Leanne strives to create environments where students feel safe, empowered, belonging, and joy. Literature, art, and outdoor endeavors have helped Leanne in her own life in countless ways, and she hopes to spread this excitement about these subjects to the students of FBRA! 

Outside of work, Leanne loves rock climbing, biking, painting, drawing, reading, and simply spending time outside. In addition, you will likely find her hanging out with her cats and telling every dog she sees, just how cute they are.